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The site Duniyar Fasaha Online (World of Technology) was created purposely to simplify the understanding of Technology, Engineering and IT Stuff by translating them into Hausa Language. Thereby creating more awareness of tech & IT knowledges among the Hausa speaking people whereever they may be in the globe.

Also presenting live radio programme on thesame stuff at Aminci Radio 103.9FM every week on Wednesday. We recieve calls and answered questions during the programme. The interaction between the programme and the listeners has been extended to the social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Youtube.

This agency concentrated on the following areas; Computer Repairs and Installations of Hardware and Software, Networking, Web Design, Basic Electrical/electronic knowledge, all with practical facilities.

On this site we provide lots of IT and Engineering Stuff based on request by the students and sometimes based on relevancies.